1) Courier Service (Nationwide) ~ Required Signature ~ 1 or 2 working days to reach you.
Sabah to West Malaysia 
- RM 14.00 (Below 1Kg) 
- RM 23.00 (Below 2Kg)
- RM 32.00 (Below 3Kg)

Sabah to Sabah/Sarawak 
- RM 7.45 (below 0.5Kg) 
- RM 12.75 (below 1.0Kg)
- RM 18.05 (below 1.5Kg)
- RM 23.35 (below 2.0Kg)
- RM 28.65 (below 2.5Kg)
- RM 33.95 (below 3.0Kg)

2) Pos Laju ~ Required Signature ~ 1 to 2 working days to reach you.
- RM 9.50 (0-500gm)
- RM 11.95 (500gm-750gm)
- RM 14.60 (750gm-1000gm)
- RM 17.25 (1000gm-1500gm)
- RM 22.55 (1500gm-1750gm)
- RM 25.20 (1750gm-2000gm) 

3) Registered Mail ~ Required Signature ~ 3 to 7 working days to reach you.
- RM 3.60 (for the first 50gm).
- RM 5.10 (for maximum weight 1000gm)
*If more than 1.0KG weight, Nicky will automatically changed to Pos Parcel service. Rates as per below.
*You can opt to separate 2 packings if your order's total weight around 2.0KG (not more than 2 KG). Then total price for registered for this 2 packings will at RM 10.20 instead of RM 13.00 by using Pos Parcel.

4) Pos Parcel ~ Required Signature ~ 3 to 7 working days to reach you.
- RM 11.50 (1000gm-1500gm)
- RM 13.00 (1500gm-2000gm)
- RM 16.00 (2000gm-2500gm)
- RM 17.50 (2500gm-3000gm)
- RM 20.50 (3000gm-3500gm)


Dear all valued friends,

Please take note that from now onwards, Pos Express does not accept delivery for any items except documents only.(Today (28.07.2011) Nicky already experienced that one of the order sent by pos express RM 3.50 being returned to Nicky). Therefore, from today onwards, Nicky will stop using Pos Express service. Nicky don't want any of you to take the risk that your order being sent by Pos Express later returned to Nicky and Nicky have to resend it again the next day by using different type of shipping method. This will waste both of our precious time and Nicky have to top up own money for second type shipping. Hope you all can understand ya. 

All right, that’s all for now! Take care!


Discount/Offer Corner

From now on, Nicky's customer will enjoy the special offer as per below: -

1) Every new customer who purchased RM 200.00 & above in a single receipt will enjoy a 10% discount from the total amount.
2) Every return customer will get a 10% discount from Nicky too! No min. order is required to enjoy this benefit as long as you are a return customer! You are my friend! So for those who have ever purchased with Nicky, pls let me know in your order to enjoy this discount ya!
3) Every return customer who purchased RM 180.00 & above in a single receipt will get another 5% of discount (meaning to say, after you get a discount of 10%, you will get another 5% of discount more)!

Terms: -
*Every discount calculated before add in the postage fee*
*All discounts given are calculated by Nicky based on *Normal Price* and all discounts are final*
*Clearance sales items are not applicable with this offer.
*Special price items are not applicable with this offer.
*Pls attach the discount code in your order via email when you are entitled to enjoy ya! Many thanks!

Discount Codes: -
New Customer: OFFER001
Return Customer: OFFER002
Return Customer+RM180: OFFER003