Thursday, April 7

Rivet Button Tool Set (MHS005)

Code: MHS005
Name: Rivet Button Tool Set
Price: RM 10.00 per Set
Includes: 1 Set Tool (2 Pcs), 20 Sets of Buttons (40 Pcs)
Status: [Available x 8 Sets]
(Excluded Postage Fee)


  1. do you still sell the rivet tools + rivet buttons refill and the snap button tools + buttons refill as well? How much? Thanks, appreciate it if you could email me the details to

  2. Hi Liza, replied to your email!

  3. Nicky, how do I install the rivet button with the sharp point? Will you do a tutorial on that?

  4. Sorry dear. I don't have tutorial for this tool yet. I will try to do one later on ya. TQ~

  5. do u still have this...if yes email me at txs

  6. Hi u still hv rivet tools and snap button tools?please email to

  7. Q'rifz, I have replied to your email. TQ~


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